Leaf Free & No Clog Gutter Protection in Vermont & New Hampshire

Waterloov is one of the only systems on the market that continues to be tested and for over 20 years has proven to be clog free! Engineered and manufactured of high quality aluminum, the Waterloov system is designed to sustain the weight of ice and snow, can still function properly after minor tree damage and will never rust or deteriorate.

The innovative design of the Waterloov system limits the size of debris and collects rain water without overshooting. Debris that does manage to enter our system is quickly cleared by a designed swirling action.

Waterloov is the most flexible product available. It can be installed on all roof pitches from flat to mansard (vertical) and on all types and sizes of gutters.

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Guaranteed Leaf Free Protection in Vermont.

Willey's Seamles Gutters Is Waterloov's Exclusive Vermont Installer.

Basic Installation

Installed under either the first or second course of shingles. No nails, glue, or fasteners are ever used that could cause leaking or damage to your roofing. The front flange is hard fastened at the lip of gutter using stainless steel screws making the system virtually hurricane proof.

For Metal Roofing

Where there are no shingles, a fascia board mount installation is used. A ledge is installed on the fascia board  near the roofing which serves as a drip edge into the gutter. The rear edge of the panels is installed on this ledge with the front being installed as in standard installation.

Waterloov In Winter

Waterloov keeps the ice out of the gutter where it does damage but may develop icicles in some situations. The Waterloov system cover allows ice to continue over the gutter and fall from the roof, curbing the forming of ice dams. Waterloov like all solid top gutter guards does not completely eliminate or cause ice damming.

Waterloov Maintenance

Most other companies don’t want to talk about maintenance or they say it’s not needed. All gutter guards require some kind of maintenance. For Waterloov, all that’s needed is a small light weight brush mounted on the end of a telescopic pole. Simply brush across the louvers, The bristles knock off any debris that may be covering the louvers.