Measuring Your Home For Gutters

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Willey’s Seamless Gutters will gladly give you a free estimate to have your home “outfitted” with our top quality gutter system. It’s easy to recieve an estimate via e-mail or over the phone if you can supply us with your home dimensions. To do so, follow these instructions, give us a call or¬†drop us an e-mail with the details.

Measuring A Home

1. Measure all of the gutter lengths (meaning the roofline in which you wish to have gutters installed horizontally. Remember that gutters do not go on the gable ends of the home.)

2. Measure all the downspout lengths (vertical) example: A two story home (colonial home) are typically 20 feet. A one story home (ranch home) is normally 10 feet (approx).

3. See if you will need any corners inside or outside. Example a four sided roof (hip roof) would need four outside corners.

4. Figure what type of roof you have and also the fascia.(different roofs and fascia’s require different applications, please see installation methods.

Roof types: Metal, asphalt shingles, wood, and slate.

Fascia type’s : Flat, stepped flat, angled, or stepped angled and crown molding, or no fascia at all.

In some cases you can drain an upper roofline gutter into a lower gutter and then down to the ground. You should also not exceed 50 feet of gutter per downspout.


Gutters and downpouts are priced per foot. 100 feet of gutter and 100 feet of downspout is a total of 200 feet. Call us or e-mail us for current per foot pricing for your perticular application.