The Unique Designs Of New England Homes May Require Alternative Installation Methods.

Bar Hanger Install or Hidden Bar Hanger For Flat Fascia or Flat Stepped Fascia

Flat Fascia

Hidden Bar Hangers are installed every 16 inches on center ( for most applications). This hanger hooks on the front inner lip of the gutter and is screwed through the hanger , through the gutter and into your fascia. The screws are 1 1/2″ wood grip galvanized screw. We also put a continuous bead of silicone on the rear of the gutter to prevent water from getting behind the gutter if the gutter cannot be placed behind a drip edge.

Flat Step Fascia

Homes that have a flat step fascia would be done in the same manner as the step above. The upper flat surface though must be two inches or greater. If there is less than that we would install the gutter on the lower flat surface. ( The reason for this is because the gutter needs a flat surface for strength).

Flat Angled Fascia and Angled Step Fascia

Flat Angled Fascia

This install can be done in the same way as above except that we will need to use a gutter wedge along with the bar hangers. This is an aluminum wedge which is designed for this purpose and will accommodate up to a 7/12 pitch roof. These wedges are very important to keep the gutter plumb.

Angled Step Fascia

This install will be done the same way as the ( flat angled fascia) but in cases there may need to have a board added to the fascia under step. The reason is as you slope the gutter to the end in which it will drain the gutter goes down and in because of the angle of the fascia.

Crown Moldings

Crown Moldings w/ Strap (SST) Hangers

Homes that do not have a flat surface to mount a gutter to can be done with a strap hanger. These are mostly used on old homes. Strap hangers are installed every 16 inch on center ( in most applications). The design of a strap hanger is to be able to hang the gutter from the center of the gutter, this is where the strength comes from. The straps are placed in the gutter when it is on the ground. For homes that have asphalt shingles we shorten the straps and install in under the first course of shingles. These are also screwed in. ( Note: this application cannot be done it cold weather.)

Crown Moldings w/ Slate Roof or Metal Roof

If your home has a metal edge, full metal or slate roof we can install the gutter as above. The only thing is that obviously there is nothing to put the strap under. So the straps would be screwed on the surface and sealed with gutter sealant ( not always the best application).

Custom Brackets

These brackets are made by Willey’s Seamless Gutters and are different in size and angle for different homes. These brackets are most commonly used for homes with crown molding and have a metal or slate roof. We use 1/8 ” thick aluminum strips and bend into the contour of the fascia. The goal of this procedure is to create a flat surface to install the gutter with the hidden bar hanger which eliminates any straps on the roof system.

This does add additional cost to the job and will require an on site visit to make a template for the bracket.