Know the importance of rain gutter systems.

Seamless aluminum gutters are extruded from an onsite rollforming machine from flat highgrade aluminum coil in continuous lengths that can exceed 60 ft. or more leaving no joints or connections. Aluminum also allows for northern New Englands ever changing temperatures by expanding and contracting according to the thermometer. Unlike plastic gutters which come in lengths of 8 - 10 ft, requiring rubber joints that soften and deteriorate under hot conditions and harden and crack under cold conditions causing uncontrolable leaking. Plastic gutters are also know to break and shatter in extreme cold temperatures.
Yes, we have a variety of colors, can match most house or trim colors. Please Click here for available colors! If you have special colors in mind, we can provide primed aluminum material making it easier for you or a contractor to paint.
No. Willeys Seamless Gutters installs rain gutters with hiden high strength bar hangers which are screwed, not nailed, through the fascia and into the roof rafters 16 - 18 inches on center. By using this method we also ensure any weight of snow and ice will not be an issue. Please Note: Slate and metal roofing have been known to damage gutters from the sliding of snow, not the weight. We also carry snow guards that will ensure that your gutter doesn't take the full force of avalanching snow and ice. Please visit our snow guard page for more details.
This is a common problem with plastic or vinyl gutters because the gutters are installed after the brackets are attached to the fascia which leaves a space between gutter and fascia Willey's Seamless Gutters are installed flat to the fascia, under the drip edge and sealed with a silicone sealant.
No, however there are several different styles of Gutter Guards that can be used also available through Willey's Seamless Gutters. We are an authorized distributor and installer for Waterloov and we also supply Rhino Guard.
To answer that question, we have to ask another...Should the foundation of your home be protected? Rain gutters were originally used for one main purpose...protect the building's foundation and channel water away from its base. Then the benefits for gutters began to grow, they helped reduce erosion, prevent leaks in basements and crawlspaces, protect painted surfaces, and provided a means to collect and reuse rainwater. Also, please check with your home insurance company, as you may see a reduced premium cost if you have gutters on your home.
A couple of decades or more. Aluminum material used in rain gutters carries a 20 year warranty, but if your gutter system is well-maintained, such as cleaning regularly, inspecting downspouts for clogs and making sure there is no damage caused from storms, trees or the like, they can last up to 30 or 40 years.”
Downspouts determine where rain from your gutters empty into your yard and placement should equal 1 downspout per 25 - 30 feet of gutter. Vermont and New Hampshire average nearly 50 inches of rain per year, moving that amount of water requires at least a 2 in. X 3 in. downspout, however if longer gutter spans are realized 3 in. X 4 in. should be used. Willey's Seamless Gutters examines the layout of your homes geography to ensure downspout placement will move all the rain water collected away from your home. For more information about styles of gutters and downspouts Please Click Here!
The cost will vary depending on the linear footage, the amount and length of downspouts and corners, but the cost associated with repairing foundations, or basement clean-ups will far exceed the cost of rain gutters by Willey's Seamless Gutters Contact Us Today For A Free Estimate!

If you have more questions regarding rain gutters, clog free and leaf free covers or snow guards please feel free to contact us!